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An increasingly popular option for transporting shipments is rail transport. We are seeing an increasing demand, especially between China and other destinations. Rail transport is safe, efficient and has low CO2 emissions. 

To avoid delays and unnecessary customs costs, we recommend you take advantage of our expertise and focus on handling your customs formalities quickly so your goods are also available as fast as possible.

The golden mean: safe, efficient and sustainable

Rail transport is an excellent solution when air freight is too expensive and sea freight takes too long. The rates for rail transport are between those of air and sea freight. This makes rail transport a cost-efficient choice.

Many destinations within Europe can be reached within one day by train. Many destinations within Europe can be reached within one day by train. This makes rail transport ideal for speedy delivery. Both full sea containers and partial loads can be transported efficiently by rail.

Grodal's working method for rail transport

Obtaining all necessary documentation

We first collect all necessary information, such as the type of goods, the destination and any special requirements.

Booking rail transport

Based on information obtained, we select the most suitable options for rail transport, taking into account speed, costs and reliability. We also provide all necessary documentation to ensure smooth transport.


At the time of booking, we immediately provide the customer with all the details, including access to a personal login portal Here you always have access to all important documents and information.

Tracking your shipment

Customers can track the status of their shipment via the personal login portal.

More information about rail transport? Ring now

Grodal provides expert advice on rail transport and ensures your shipment is imported or exported without any unnecessary delays. Our team is ready to answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need for smooth rail transport.


How long does rail transport take?

How long rail transport takes depends on the distance between the locations, the route and any intermediate stops. Most destinations within Europe can be reached within one day by rail.

What are the rates for rail transport?

Rates are affected by several factors, such as distance and weight. The Grodal team will calculate the rates for your particular situation.

What are the benefits of rail transport?

Rail transport has many benefits compared to other means of transport, such as:

  • Ideal for transporting large volumes of goods
  • Reliable with a low risk of delays
  • Environmentally friendly with lower CO2 emissions per kilometre
  • Cheaper than air freight and faster than Air freight and faster than sea freight
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