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Grodal offers various options to meet your transport needs. Through our partnerships with carefully selected transport companies, we can offer solutions for almost all your road transport needs. Road transport can be a suitable choice due to the flexibility and accessibility it offers, especially for shorter distances. 

Grodal is happy to advise you on the options and arrange all necessary customs matters!

Fast and reliable

We focus on speed and reliability. As an independent freight forwarder/customs broker, we can transport your goods efficiently and competitively. It is possible to deliver your shipment to a discharge port, but we also offer door to door deliveries where we deliver your shipment straight to the recipient's address. And your goods are always easily traceable via our handy login portal.

Grodal's working method for road transport

Obtaining all necessary documentation

We first collect all necessary information, such as the type of goods, the destination and any special requirements.

Booking road transport

Based on the information obtained, we select the most suitable option for road transport. We ensure the route and means of transport are optimally tailored to the specific needs.


At the time of booking, we immediately provide all the relevant details, including access to a personal login portal. Here you have access to all important documents and information.

Tracking your shipment

Follow your shipment in real time via the personal login portal to stay up to date on the current status.

More information about road transport? Ring now

Road transport is flexible, fast and cost-efficient. Curious about the options? Or would you like to know which documents are required for road transport? Grodal offers the right solution for import and export. Ring +31 598 612 725 or request more information.


What are the rates for road transport?

Road transport rates depend on various factors, such as the weight and volume of the cargo, the route and the distance. Let Grodal calculate your rates.

What are the available transport options?

There are various options for road transport, such as Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less Than Truckload (LTL). With FTL the entire lorry is used for the transport of one shipment and with LTL you share the lorry with multiple loads.

What types of goods can be transported by road transport?

Road transport is suitable for all kinds of goods, such as consumer goods, building materials, machinery and equipment.

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