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Thanks to our global network, we can transport your sea freight shipments efficiently and reliably to almost any destination in the world. Whether it's full sea containers (FCL) or groupage containers (LCL): Grodal arranges worldwide shipping for various types of goods. 

Your import goods are also in good hands with us; we will deliver them to the location of your choice.

Full container shipments: Full Container Load (FCL)

Thanks to our independent approach, transporting your goods efficiently and competitively is super easy. Have a large shipment? Then we opt for Full Container Loads (FCL). All goods in the container belong to the same owner.

We can deliver the shipment from the loading port to the port of discharge, but door to door deliveries are also possible. This means we load at the location you designate and unload at the recipient's address.

Partial shipments: Less Container Load (LCL)

If you want to export or import a small shipment via sea freight, then choose Less Container Loads (LCL). Your shipment will then be shipped via a groupage container. You only pay for the part of the container you use. 

To avoid delays and unnecessary costs associated with customs clearance, we recommend you take advantage of our vast knowledge and focus on handling your customs formalities quickly. This makes your goods quickly available for further distribution.

Grodal's working method for sea freight

Obtaining all necessary documentation

We first collect all necessary information, such as the type of goods, the destination and any special requirements.

Booking sea freight

Based on the information obtained, we select the best options for sea freight, taking into account speed, costs and reliability. We also ensure all necessary documentation is in place.


At the time of booking, we immediately provide the customer with all the details, including access to a personal login portal. Here you have access to all important documents and information.

Tracking your shipment

You can track the status of your shipment in real time via the personal login portal.

More information about sea freight? Request further information free of charge

Sea freight allows you to transport large volumes all at once. Would you like more information? Or have sea freight rates calculated? Grodal Expedition B.V. is happy to advise you on your logistics challenge. Ring +31 598 612 725  or request more information.


What does a freight forwarder do with sea freight?

A freight forwarder ensures your shipments are transported by sea quickly and efficiently. We calculate the rates, advise on the fastest route and determine the most suitable type of sea freight for your shipment.

What are the benefits of sea freight?

Sea freight has a number of benefits:

  • Low transport price compared to other transport options
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Transport large shipments all at once
What are the sea freight rates?

Sea freight rates depend on various aspects, such as supply and demand, the economy and fuel prices. We are happy to calculate the rates for your shipment for you.

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