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Grodal Expeditie B.V.

Grodal distinguishes itself by its expertise regarding customs formalities, its know-how of the entire logistics process and the principle: an agreement is an agreement. We've been doing this for over 30 years!

Grodal Expeditie B.V. was founded in 1993 by Mr P. Dallinga and Mr H. Groen. The company name Grodal was created by combining the names Dallinga and Groen. Dallinga had extensive experience in the trade as a forwarder and Groen had taken over his father's transport company and had subsequently been active as a transport entrepreneur for many years.

A combination of these specialities and a number of companies that wanted to collaborate with Grodal have made it possible to develop Grodal into the strategic partner in logistics services we are today. We still proudly serve a large group of customers who have collaborated with us from the very beginning. More than 30 years already!

Grodal stands for quality:

Grodal has an enormous network of agents worldwide.

Grodal also has a logistics advisory role towards its customers. 

We are most certainly a service company in the broadest sense of the word!

Furthermore, Grodal is completely independent and always chooses local partners that perform optimally for the relevant process.

And as a customs broker and AEO certified company, we can also handle all customs formalities for you.

Our team

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Mirjam Vincent

All-round Forwarder/Broker

Dennis Meijer


Sander Dijkman

Internal Auditor

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