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Grodal also offers storage and transshipment services for your goods. This allows us to offer a complete solution for your groupage shipments that may need to be exported. Our storage facility is strategically located at a central location in the Netherlands. This allows us to deliver and extradite quickly and efficiently. With a capacity of 6,000 m2 and the available resources, we can load and unload both cars and containers.

All essential security measures

Our warehouse is fully equipped with essential security measures. The warehouse has, among others, a fire alarm system, camera surveillance and an alarm system. Access to the site is limited and the outside area is well lit and secured with fencing and cameras. The industrial estate where our warehouse is located is fully protected by number plate scanners, ensuring the safety of your goods at all times.

More information about warehousing?

Grodal provides expert advice on transport modes and offers warehousing for groupage shipments. We ensure fast delivery and extradition and can therefore meet specific customer needs. Contact us for more information about our warehousing services. Make an appointment or ring on +31 598 612 725.


What is Warehousing?

Warehousing is the storage and management of goods in a storage facility, also called a warehouse.

How are goods protected in a warehouse?

The goods in a warehouse are optimally protected by a fire alarm system, camera surveillance and an alarm system. The industrial estate also has professional security.

What are the rates for warehousing?

The rates for warehousing depend on the size of the goods. Contact us for more information about Grodal's rates.

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